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Welcome to LEO Defense Systems, the premiere integrative combatives and control systems for military, first responders, and top level private sector personnel. 

Reno's ONLY Certified Law Enforcement Combative Training

Komainu-Yemaso Gym is the leader in combatives for first responders. Our owners are the original founders of LEO Tactical Defense Systems which is a world-renowned grappling based combatives program for any size agency. With almost 100 years of police experience amongst the LEO Tactical Defense cadre, you will not find a more well trained staff. Komainu-Yemaso Gym teaches Nevada P.O.S.T. certified classes to first responders in a weekly format or in a a singualr program format

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Combat Training for Police, Military and First Responders

The effectiveness of Jiu Jitsu in combat has been proven over many years. Trained police officers and first responders can rely on the effectiveness and efficiency of Jiu Jitsu when dealing with violent individuals. In addition to extreme effectiveness and efficiency, the techniques and strategies of Jiu Jitsu can be applied without the use of excessive force. How to take down a suspect? How to avoid surprise attacks? How to defend against common attacks? How to escape from underneath an attacker? How to immobilize or pin a violent attacker? These are just some of the situations that you will learn how to deal with by training Jiu Jitsu.

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